Pain Relief Salve


Lab tested Extra Strength 300 Mg THC. pain relief salve is a proprietary formula you won't find anywhere else.   Organic formula. Nice lemongrass scent. This two ounce glass jar is chocked full of Incredible, healing ingredients! Coconut oil, Coconut and Shea Butter strongly infused with CBD/THC Medical Cannabis and Arnica blended with pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Vanilla,Tea Tree oil, Lemongrass, Tangerine and Lavender. Lavender oil promotes circulation, as well as nervous system health and easing stressed muscles and heads. It reduces body pain and is relaxing, balancing and purifying. Also Chamomile for anti inflammatory properties. Recent research has identified Chamomile's anti inflammatory, muscle relaxant, sedative properties validating its long held reputation. The pain relief  formula is made with a minimal amount of beeswax for easy spreading over your body. Shea butter is full of omegas, soaks right into the skin and has beneficial fats for nourishing the skin. Shea Butter contains moisturizing properties and combined with the healing properties THC and CBD provides optimal medicinal benefits. Pain relief healing balm can help to relieve the symptoms of aches and pains, Arthritis, swelling, strains, injuries, headaches and Fibromyalgia. Each Essential Oil adds to the numerous benefits, enhancing pain relief, aids in healing skin and helps with depression, mood uplifting, inflammation reduction, circulation, heals burns, scrapes and more. Studies prove that CBD alone is not as effective for pain relief as a combination of CBD and THC the pain relief salve has both for maximum relief.